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Why Do I Need Braces?


As a dentist in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA I hear so much from my patients and answer many of the same questions on a regular basis.

This is a common question that gets asked by parents and kids alike. We all know that straight teeth look better and help people have more confidence and make them more likely to smile. 

However, braces aren’t just for aesthetics. Here are a couple of good reasons to get braces, aside from the way they improve your looks and confidence.

Jaw/Mouth Function

We use our teeth multiple times every day when we eat. Chewing is an incredibly important aspect of this process.

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Braces help to place teeth in the way they should be in order to get the optimal bite. A bad bite can result in jaw pain including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. When a bite is corrected by the use of braces, it allows the jaw to move more freely and usually decreases or eliminates jaw pain. 

Oral Health

Straight teeth are an important part of your long-term oral health.

In addition to improve the function of your jaw, braces will help improve your oral health and make it easier to clean your teeth by brushing and flossing. 

Crooked, misaligned, and crowded teeth are more difficult to care for. This can lead to gum loss, tooth decay, and plaque build up. In other words, braces can help prevent more expensive and painful visits to the dentist in the future. 

Having beautiful straight teeth is more than just about looks and confidence.

If you are looking to get a beautiful smile at an affordable price, contact us today and set up your free consultation.

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