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Restoring Your Smile: Dental Implants

got smile with dental implant

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants San Diego can be the perfect solution. The easiest and most popular application for dental implants is to replace a single tooth. Dental implants are considered the best option for replacing a single tooth. They feel, function, and look just like natural, healthy teeth. With proper care, a dental implant can last a lifetime.

Single Dental Implantsdental implant process

An individual dental implant is made up of a screw that is surgically placed in your jawbone where the missing tooth once sat. This implant, usually made of titanium, acts as an artificial root for the prosthesis. Once the implant is fused with the bone in your jaw, an abutment is added along with a dental crown. 


But what if there are multiple teeth that need replacing? There are a few options to consider before making your decision. There are many options for replacing a single missing tooth – dental implant, implant-supported bridge or an implant-supported partial denture.

Missing Multiple Teeth

  • Implant-supported Dentures

Dentures supported by dental implants don’t slip, require no glue and allow you to speak and eat normally. The denture attaches to this fitting and stabilization is achieved with either two implants per arch, or more depending on your needs.

  • Fixed Implant-Supported Dentures

These dentures are implanted as a permanent fixture and must be removed by a dentist. Fixed dentures come up from your gum line and don’t interfere with your sense of taste, giving you a more natural look and feel. There are multiple benefits associated with fixed implant-supported dentures including enhanced stability, limited likelihood of slippage and increased chewing capacity. Both implant supported dentures reduce bone loss and return facial contours to a natural appearance.

  • Implant-supported bridges

Implant-supported bridges are the most stable, life-like teeth option for replacing multiple missing teeth or all your missing teeth. One of the many benefits of dental implants is their flexibility which provides comfort and chewing capacity that is almost completely restored to normal. When all teeth are missing in a mouth, dentists place four three-unit bridges made of high-quality, durable porcelain on eight dental implants in each space.

When Should Dental Implants Be Used to Replace Missing Teeth?

missing teeth-dental Implant

Dental implantology can be beneficial to a wide range of patients, replacing missing teeth or multiple teeth. Nearly anyone in good health who has lost a tooth or teeth may be eligible for dental implant treatment. Certain illnesses and smoking can reduce the success rate of a dental implant, but there is rarely a situation in which implants are not an option.

One of the most important factors to take into account when considering dental implants is the quality and quantity of bone available. Some cases require bone grafting to augment the body’s jawbone, before getting a dental implant.


Dental Implants Procedure

A dentist creates a personalized treatment plan to match the needs, desires and budget of each patient. In some cases, tooth extractions, bone grafts and implants can be placed the same day.

Tooth Extractions

When a tooth can no longer be saved, the dentist removes it with surgery and often lasers so that the socket is preserved. Placing an implant after tooth extraction can be a significant factor in retaining jawbone mass.

Immediate placement of dental implants may eliminate the need for future bone grafting and other possible complications.

Your comfort is our top priority. Communication is important to us, and we never leave you feeling alone. 

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