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The importance of having straight and properly aligned teeth plays a significant role in ensuring that you will have good dental health for years to come. In many cases, it is easier to treat and correct these issues when the patient is young, even before all of his or her permanent teeth have grown in when these issues are easier to correct and address. A skilled dentist from San Diego Smile Center can discuss all of the treatment options that are available to you and your child when you meet with them.

Let’s take a look at the basics of orthodontic treatment for children right now so you know the options you have available to you when it comes to providing orthodontic care for your children.


It is important to keep in mind that there are several different types of malocclusion that we can treat and correct. There are several types of malocclusion that can be treated by Dental Implants San Diego. Malocclusion can be defined as a broad term that refers to various kinds of bad bites.

Dental underbite – In dentistry, an underbite is a term used to describe cases in which the lower dental arch protrudes below the upper dental arch.

Dental crossbite – A crossbite occurs when teeth tilt inward in an unpredictable manner toward the tongue or outwards toward the cheek rather than pointing toward the opposite tooth on the dental arch as they should.

Dental overbite – In dental terminology, an overbite is a condition of the upper dental arch protruding too far forward of the lower dental arch or a condition in which the teeth of the upper dental arch overlap/cover too much of the teeth of the lower dental arch.

There are a number of dental conditions that can be associated with children, and our dentists at San Diego Smile Center will be able to determine a proper dental care solution to address these issues should your child suffer from any of them.


When the teeth are not aligned properly, there will be a pain in the teeth, problems when chewing, speech difficulties, self-consciousness, as well as grinding the teeth. These problems, if left untreated, may actually develop into TMJ disorders, which entail a lock, popping, or clicking sensation in the jaw when it is untreated.

Malocclusion treatment

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There are a number of challenges that are associated with treating malocclusions in children, especially since the child is still growing and it can be easier for the dentist to address certain issues with the dental arch and the teeth. There are many orthodontic treatments available that can help you accomplish these things, including braces and a variety of other options used to reshape and realign your teeth.


In spite of the fact that you don’t receive orthodontic care at an early age, you can still have your malocclusion corrected later on in life even if you didn’t receive it at an early age. Overbites, underbites, crossbites, and other forms of malocclusion are just some of the types of malocclusion that are available to address today. When it comes to older teens and adults who have reached adulthood, for instance, Invisalign is the best choice.


Sometimes minor misalignments of the teeth can be treated by non-orthodontic methods in addition to orthodontic treatment. A porcelain veneer treatment may actually help patients achieve some very impressive results, though it is more likely to be used for teenagers and adults than for children, as it tends to be a better solution for teens and adults. In your appointment with us, we will talk about all kinds of options that are available for patients of all ages.


You may wish to contact our San Diego Smile Center today in order to learn more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment and your many other options when it comes to advanced dental treatments. We will be pleased to assist you in any way we can. It is our goal to meet with you and your child in person in order to determine what the best course of action will be for you and your child.

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