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Dental Implants in San Diego, CA

Missing a tooth is no laughing matter

When a tooth is loss by extraction (hopefully by your dentist), periodontal disease (gum disease, which is a very common reason) or trauma there is a morphological change that occurs to the surrounding area.

The gums and bone that surrounded the tooth begin to cave in, changing the shape of your jaw. As a result this change your appearance because your teeth support the muscles in your face.

How do you replace missing or badly damaged teeth?

There are permanent replacement that are called implants. Dental implants are the state-of-the-art method to replaced single or multiple missing teeth. Dental implants provide you with the function and appearance of a natural tooth.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in your jaw. Titanium has and continues to be used for several medical procedures since the 1950’s. It is the most biocompatible of all metals and it actually allows human bone growth to adhere to implants so they last longer.

What does the procedure involve?

Once the implant is placed in your bone, which replaces the root, it will be left there for several months in order for the bone to integrate with it.

When the healing has occurred an abutment and a temporary crown is placed. Once the dentist feels that the soft tissue has healed around the abutment. The dentist will remove the temporary crown and place a new natural looking crown.


Reason to consider implants

  • Feel better about the way you look
  • Tired of removing dentures or partials
  • Trauma occurred and now you are looking for a solution
  • Avoiding bone loss and avoid other teeth to drift into the empty space
  • Removing all limitations such as avoiding certain foods, taking family photos and most importantly smiling with confidence.

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Restore your confidence with dental implants. Not only are dental implants beneficial to your oral health and help to prevent bone loss. They also function and look like healthy natural teeth.

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