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Health Effects of Tongue Piercings and Tongue Rings

Tongue Piercings

Tongue jewellery, sometimes referred to as tongue rings, is metal jewellery that is inserted into the mouth after the tongue has been pierced. Many people choose to get their tongues pierced for aesthetic reasons. Wearing jewellery in the mouth gives the wearer an aesthetically pleasing and elegant appearance. Furthermore, these piercings may also be related to cultural or religious beliefs, as well as aesthetic reasons.

The team at Affordable Dental Implant San Diego does not recommend tongue piercings, as they may result in a number of adverse health effects. These include:

Bacteria Found in the Mouth Due to Piercing

There are a number of dangerous bacteria that are introduced to the mouth through tongue rings and tongue piercings. An unattended ring or piercing on the tongue will allow bacteria to accumulate because it provides a place for them to accumulate. There are several oral health concerns that can be caused by this, including dental caries, receding gums, and plaque buildup on the teeth, all of which can lead to tooth decay.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

In addition to piercing your tongue, there are a number of problems that can occur, which can cause damage to your mouth’s soft tissues. A piercing of the tongue can break and damage the delicate tissue that covers the lining of the tongue. Jewellery worn in the piercing can cause all kinds of problems for your teeth and gums due to its close proximity to them.

In addition to chipping and cracking your teeth, jewellery can also scratch your skin. As well as getting stuck between the teeth and gums, it can also cause your gums to recede, which will expose the roots of your teeth and can even cause your gums to recede. When you bite your lips or cheeks as a result of your piercing, the skin can be torn and serious damage can be caused to the body.

Tongue Piercing

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Teeth Shifting After Tongue Piercing

Having a tongue ring or tongue piercing can lead to an array of oral problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay. The jewellery can cause irritation and infection to the gums, cheeks, and lips due to the friction it causes when it rubs against them. Additionally, teeth can shift as a result of the metal in the mouth.

Inflammatory Ulcers & Sores

Many patients mistakenly believe tongue rings and tongue piercings to be harmless, when in fact, they can cause significant discomfort in many cases. When the jewellery is constantly rubbed and scratched against the tongue, ulcers may form and infect the sores which are caused by the constant rubbing and scratching.

Diseases of the Gums and Decay

It has also been reported that some patients may suffer oral problems as a result of performing tongue piercings or wearing tongue rings. In the same way that braces have to be cleaned constantly, tongue rings and tongue piercings also require constant cleaning. In the long run, these dental accessories can do more harm than good in that they make it harder for patients to properly and regularly clean their teeth, which can increase the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay.

Cancer Risks of the Oral Cavity

As is the case with tobacco use, tongue rings and tongue piercings come with a set of risks that are in addition to those associated with tobacco use. There is a growing problem with bacteria growing on and around the tongue because women wear jewellery on and around their tongues.

Tongue rings and piercings are rare causes of oral cancer, yet studies have linked them to a greater risk of developing oral cancer as a result of the bacteria that can collect in these devices. Besides causing halitosis, the bacteria that cause bad breath associated with smoking may also play a role in oral cancer development as well.

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