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Fixed vs. Removable Dental Implant

Removable Dental Implant

Assuming you’ve decided to replace your lost teeth with dental implants, the next decision is whether you want fixed or removable dentures. The distinction between the two choices is that removable implant-supported dentures can be swapped on and off the abutments as needed. In contrast, fixed dentures are permanent and can only be removed by a Dental Implants San Diego

Whether you select a fixed or removable implant-supported denture, you can rest confident that you’ll experience the benefits of a stronger bite, a better-fitting denture, and a more confident smile. Here are the differences between fixed vs removable implant systems.

Dentures with a Fixed Implant

Because they are firmly linked to your dental implants, implant-supported dentures feel, look, and function similarly to natural teeth. You don’t have to empty them every night for cleaning or place them in a glass of water next to your bed while you sleep—you might even forget you’re wearing dentures! 

Traditionally, fixed implant-supported dentures required more jaw bone than removable dentures, making them an unsuitable option for people who had already lost a significant amount of bone. Several patients who previously needed full arch dental implants may now benefit from the procedure, reducing its necessity.

In some cases, only a few implant restorations are required. Bone transplantation is also utilized to help strengthen the jaw for fixed implant-supported dentures.

Brushing dentures is the same as brushing natural teeth, but you must also clean the little gap where your restoration meets the gums. Many people use water flossers, floss threaders, or tiny interproximal brushes to make cleaning easier.

Fixed Dental Implant

Dentures with a Removable Implant

Attachments are used to keep removable tooth implant-supported dentures in place. They provide the same advantages and disadvantages as permanent implant-supported dentures, with one exception: they can be removed whenever necessary. They don’t require messy adhesives, and they’re tightly fastened to the implants so they never come loose or migrate.

They feel more like conventional dentures than dental prosthetics because they are a bit bulkier and must be removed each night for cleaning. You’ll snap them back in in the morning.

Although a fixed restoration is the most common option, snap-on dentures are preferable because they need less support than a permanent solution. Another significant advantage for many patients is that removable implant denture alternatives are frequently far more affordable than fixed implant dentures.

In addition, because implant-supported removable dentures may be removed for hygiene daily, they are simpler to keep clean.

Is It Better to Get a Fixed or Removable Dental Implant?

Every patient has their own treatment objectives and requirements. Thus, no one-size-fits-all treatment exists. Visiting us in person is the greatest method to determine which option is best for you. Dr Cortes and his staff will examine your teeth and medical history and review your expectations to develop a treatment strategy most suitable for you.

To learn more about scheduling an appointment with Dr Cortes, contact us at (858) 566-0842.

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