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Affordable Braces San Diego

Tooth be told, we love our patients.

Which is why we charge 60% less. Not only that, we offer a flat fee with pricing as transparent as clear aligners. And to make you smile even more, we accept most insurances.


Braces With:

No Hidden Fees
No Gimmicks
No Joking Around

Braces for $3,499 with financing option

Most Insurances Accepted

Se habla español

What’s included in the Fee at San Diego Smile Center:

There is no charge, ever, for the initial visit, x-ray or consult with the doctor.

At San Diego Smile Center, our affordable braces in San Diego only cost a flat fee of $3,499.

When a patient pays for braces at San Diego Smile Center they get all of this included:

  • Putting the braces on is included
  • All the appointments and adjustments are included
  • Repairs are included
    Taking the braces off is included
  • A set of custom, vacuum formed, clear retainers is included
  • Retainer checks are included

San Diego Smile Center only has one additional product for those who get braces, our seven-year Retainer Insurance program. This program is $615 or 5 payments of $123. It’s a completely optional service to help keep your smile straight long after your braces are off.

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