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ADA Compliance Statement

Every effort is made to ensure that our website is helpful to as many people as possible and that the information it provides is correct. We strive every day to make information on our website more accessible. Look at the following accessibility suggestions to make your internet surfing more accessible.

If you’re having difficulties reading websites, the US Social Security Administration has some suggestions for how to improve your computer and browser performance to have a better online experience.

  • Read information on the internet using your computer.
  • Use the keyboard to move from one screen to the next.
  • Increase the size of the font.
  • Magnify your computer screen to make things easier to read.
  • To improve readability, try replacing the background and text colors with those you like.
  • Make your mouse cursor more visible by making it brighter (Windows-only)


Captions are a technique for syncing a cinema presentation’s text with video and audio tracks. Captions are usually shown on screen, which is helpful for deaf and hard-of-hearing people and anyone who can’t hear the audio in loud environments. Captions are available for the vast majority of ADA‘s video content.


Volume control on your computer, tablet, or smartphone may be available. Volume controls are unique to each video and audio service. Change the volume levels on your device and the volumes on your media players to improve your watching experience.


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